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The Cambrian News 1877

12 Jan 1877


Drunkenness. David Evans was charged by P.S.Davies with having been drunk on Christmas Day at Tre'rddol and disturbing a concert in the Wesleyan chapel. He was fined 1.

Courting at Night. William Parry, David Williams and Thomas Williams were charged with doing damage on Christmas Day - Mr James Jones, Llwynglas said on the night of December 25th between 11 and 12, William Parry and Thomas Williams went to his house together. He, his wife and his son looked out of the windows and saw the defendants in the road. He saw Thomas Williams speak to the servant girl who was in her bedroom. The window was down. Witness went downstairs and saw William Parry in the kitchen, he having got there through the window. He was ordered to leave the house. Next day witness discovered two grafts of a tree and a gooseberry bush broken. He sent for P.C. Davies to see the extent of the damage. He saw David Williams on Saturday morning and in answer to a question said he did not know he had broken the trees, but that he was "down there" with William Parry and Thomas Williams. He offered to pay the damage which was to the extent of 5s. P.C. Davies said he saw Thomas Williams at Taliesin on New Year's Day when he admitted he was down at Llwynglas after the girls. He saw David Williams on Tuesday who also admitted being at Llwynglas on the 25th. He added that he had been followed into the garden and had been "tumbled about" by the other defendants. A fine of 1s. was inflicted on each and ordered to pay 1s. each for the damage.

Using Threatening Language. James Jones, Llwynglas also charged WP with using threatening language on the night of 25th December. Complainant said when he was in the act of turning the defendant out of the house at midnight, as stated in the last case, he made use of threatening language. He likewise sat down and would not stir. He told complainant that for every blow he would give (the defendant) would give two. He attempted to take off his coat. Complainant had been much troubled by defendant, who on this then swore at Complainant, and said he would "serve him right some day". Defendant was bound over in the sum of 5 to keep the peace for 6 months.


A batch of night courters were fined at Tre'rddol on January 4th for damaging some trees on the night of Christmas Day. One of the men, who got into the house through a window, was anxious to fight the householder. These raids will not soon be put an end to if the magistrates think a fine of a shilling sufficient punishment for entering a house at night without the consent of the occupier.

At Llanilar last Friday, a servant girl affiliated a child upon a young man. In her evidence the girl stated that she and the alleged father of the child slept in the same room when they were in service together, at John Davies', Shopkeeper, Taliesin. The room was described as something like a two-horsed stable, there being a sort of partition between the two beds. One of the maistrates asked Mrs Davies whether she went to a religious meeting at Aberystwyth and left these young people at home to sleep in the same room together. Witness said this was so and was told by the magistrates that the conduct of herself and her husband was disgraceful. On being asked whether the girl, at the time of her engagement, was told that she would be expected to sleep in the same room with a young man, 20 years of age, Mrs Davies said the girl was not told, and the magistrates said she ought to have been made acquainted with the fact. It is necessary these cases should be made public, in order that people may see how girls are driven into immorality by so-called religious people.

26 Jan 1877


LLancynfelin paupers. During a desultory conversation Mr James thought the Guardians should appoint a committee to investigate the list of Llancynfelyn paupers. The Chairman:- I wish you would. Mr James:- the figures appear to be the same for many years, according to all accounts, and the paupers seem to be strong people.

9 Feb 1877


Offence against the Licensing Act. Mr David Hughes, Inland Revenue Officer, Aberystwyth, charged Edward James, Lletylwydin, with carrying a gun without a licence. The charge was proved and the defendant was fined 2.10s

2 March 1877


Mining Claim. Captain John Paul (Goginan) suing liquidators of the Taliesin Mining Company for wages alledged to be due...[complicated notes]...judgement given for 20.

John James sued the Taliesin Mining Company for eight weeks wages at 1 4s per week. After consultation it was decided to arrange the dispute as it was simply one of accounts.

30 March 1877

Nomination of John Jones, Halfway, Tre'rddol to the Board of Guardians.

15 June 1877

Lecture: The Rev. W H Davies PhD delivered a lecture on Friday night June 8th at the Calvinist Methodist chapel of this place on "Llydaw, Llydaweg a'r Llydawiaid" or "3 months with the OldWelsh in France.". The chair was taken by the Rev. T Phillips, Wesleyan Minister, Tre'rddol, who said he took great pleasure in introducing to the audience a young Welshman who, notwithstanding many obstacles, had come out a first-class scholar. The lecturer commenced by giving a description of Brittany. This part of the lecture was extremely poetical. Then came a full and very interesting analysis of the Breton language. Although hundreds of words are common to both languages, yet the shortest sentences differ widely. The lecturer said that he wished to dispel, once and for all, the erroneous opinion held by many Welshmen, that a Welshman could make himself understood in Breton. It was not so and it would take several months for a Welshman, even after having learned French, to become familiar with the Breton language.
   There followed a very full description of social life, customs, festivals and especially of religious life and superstition. He knew before that there was much superstition in the Roman Catholic church, but surely the people of Taliesin never dreamt that their brethren, the Bretons, were in such darkness. Althought the lecturer spoke for over two hours the great majority of the numerous audience seemed to be delighted with it. No Welshman should fail, if he ever has the opportunity, to hear this instructing and interesting lecture. "CYMRO"

22 June 1877


Board School: This school was examined by Mr William Williams, Her Majesty's Inspector of Schools. The Master, Mr Samuel Prosser, had had charge of the school about ten months at the time of the examination. The average attendance for the year was 133 and the amount of grant earned was 87 2s. The new premises mentioned in the report consist of main school room and classroom, capable of accomodating 160 children (mixed), master's house, etc. The old school now hired by the managers to the Board has been fitted up as a separate infant department under a mistress. The parish is now amply supplied with school accomodation. The following is a copy of the report for the year ended 28 Feb 1877. "This school is now well conducted and has greatly improved in all respects during the past year. The improvements in the attainments of the scholars is very marked throughout the school, and especially in the two lowest standards, the arithmetic in the first standard being particularly good. A creditable beginning has been made in grammar and some progres sin geography. The sewing, too, has improved. After the removal of the infants, the mixed school may be expected to become one of the best in the neighbourhood. The new premises are good."

6 July 1877


Workhouse servant: There being two applications for the office of servant in the Workhouse, both from paupers, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr Pugh Pugh, sec Mr Jones, Tre'rddol, that Mary Jones, Taliesin, should be appointed general servant.

13 July 1877

Correction: ...last week Mr Abraham Jones seconded the appointment of the servant to the Guardians.

10 August 1877


Inspectors Report: I have the pleasure of informing you that Mr Fryer, the Vice-chairman of the Board, has recently of his own accord, kindly caused the water of a fine spring on land belonging to Lodge Park to be conveyed from a good distance, and at a considerable expense to the side of the road opposite Dolau Gwyn, near Tre'rddol. It is free of any charge to all consumers. The yield is about 10,000 gallons in every 24 hours.

   ...in the part of Tre'rddol in the township of Cynyllmawr there are six houses that ought to be discontinued as habitation.

2 November 1877


Talybont Drain: It seems that a drain is required at this village. The expediency of making this drain has been discussed on more than one occasion. At Taliesin a similar drain is required. It is proposed that the woners of property shall pay according to the amount of their frontage. At Taliesin there is only one owner unwilling to contribute...adjourned.

21 December 1877


Charity Club: Mrs Holford, of Papillon Hall, Market Harborough, kindly distributed the clothing amongst the poor women of Tre'rddol, Taliesin and the surrounding neighbourhood. The Club still shows the interest this lady takes in the welfare and happiness of the poor although she has left the neighbourhood. Mrs Jones, Erglodd, kindly acts as Treasurer. On Wednesday December 12th the annual distribution of tickets to the members took place in the Schoolroom in the village, the recipients numbering 80, each of whom obtained a certain quantity of warm clothing. Mrs Fryer also,a ccording to her annual custom, distributed flannels amongst the poor of the neighbourhood of Lodge Park. The goods were supplied by Mr J M Edwards, Draper, Aberystwyth.


...Wales is not the abode of thriftless, improvident people, except insofar as they have been made improvident by doles of money, which could only be obtained by those who showed no disposition to help themselves....We ask the Aberystwyth Guardians to direct their attention to a few figures culled from old reports respecting Llangynfelin and one or two other parishes. Llangynfelyn parish may be said to have two representatives: Mr John Jones, and Mr Fryer, Chairman of the Board. In 1877 the parish of Llangynfelyn shows a percentage of 8.4 or nearly 2% more paupers than any other parish in the Union. Out of a population of 1050 89 are paupers! of these only 6 are in the Workhouse. In 1873 this pauper-stricken place stood at 9.5, in 1874 at 9.6, 1875 at 8.8, 1876 at 8.7 and this year at 8.4! These figures show that the state of Llangynfelyn has nothing accidental about it. There is a steady manufacture of new paupers to take the place of any old ones who are removed, either by good or bad fortune. Since 1873 the rate of paupers in the parish of Aberystwyth has been reduced from 6.1 to 3.7%, Cyfoethybrenin has come down from 7.6 to 5.3...The Guardians would be justified in carefully investigating the case of evry one of the 83 outdoor paupers in the parish of Llangynfelyn which is quickly becoming a disgrace to the rest of the Union.

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