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Adroddiadau yr Arolygwyr Ysgolion

School Inspectors' Reports

The Committe of Council for Education

Mae cyfoeth o wybodaeth manwl mewn adroddiadau Seneddol am ystod eang o destunau. Ym maes addysg, mae gennym nifer o Gomisynau arbennig (e.e "Commissioners of inquiry into the state of Education In Wales", 1847 [Y Llyfrau Gleision]) ac hefyd adroddiadau blynyddol y Pwyllgor Cyngor Addysg.

Cynhwysir yr adroddiadau llwyth o fanylion bychain ynglŷn â trefniant addysg - cylchlythyrau i ysgolion, a.y.y.b. - ond hefyd adroddiadau cryno blynyddol yr arolygwyr ysgolion (sy'n sôn weithiau am lefydd penodol), ynghyd ag ystadegau sylfaenol ar bob ysgol a gafodd arian gan y llywodraeth.

Mae'r adroddiadau ar gael mewn llawer o lyfrgelloedd mawr, yngyd â phapurau seneddol eraill, ar feicroffilm fel arfer.

Dyma sawl detholiad ynglŷn â Llangynfelyn;

Parliamentary reports provide a wealth of detailed information about a wide range of issues. In the field of Education we have various special Commissions (e.g. "Commissioners of inquiry into the state of Education In Wales", 1847 [The Blue Books]) as well as the annual reports of the Committee of Council for Education.

These reports contain reams of minute detail about the organisation of Education - circulars to schools etc. - but also the summary reports of the school inspectors (which sometimes mention specific places), plus basic statistics on all schools receiving money from the government.

The reports are available in many large libraries, along with other parliamentary papers, usually on microfilm.

Here are a few extracts regarding Llangynfelyn:

Mr Pryce's general report for 1868

(p. 172) "Among the annual grant schools in this county there are some in a very efficient condition. The following are the most satisfactory, placed in order of merit: Llangeler & Penparke (equal), Llancynfelin, Cardigan (boys)....(+ 7 more)."

(p. 161) "Though at first one would naturally think otherwise, yet practically I do not find that the Welsh language presents any real difficulty in the working of a school: whether it be, as I believe is the case, that the Welsh as a people are quick at picking up a new language, or that the very circumstances of the children having to acquire one to pass the examination conducted in English quickens their intelligence, it is a fact that as a rule, the percentage of passes in Welsh schools are very little, if any, below those in the English speaking districts...I often wonder at the proficiency with which some of these poor Welsh children read English books: the English child who could in so short a time be taught to read and speak French or German with equal fluency, would I am sure be looked upon as quite a young prodigy..."

Parliamentary Papers 1869-70, vol XX, CCE Reports

Annual figures and minor mentions

(N.B. figures relate to the year prior to the report date)

1868: District no. 597, Church of England school, Building grants: 174-4-0, Average attendance 89, Annual Grant 48-0-6 (p.638) (PP 1869-70 XX)

1869: Average attendance 89, Annual Grant 51-19-10 (p.683)(PP 1870 XXII)

1870: Average attendance 89, Annual Grant 48-9-4 (PP 1871)

1871: School Board formed under section XII of the 1870 Act(p. xxiii)
Average attendance 85, Annual Grant 32-6-0 (p.372) (PP 1872 XXII)

1872: Average attendance 122, Annual Grant 19-2-8 (p.529)(PP 1873 XXIV)

1873: Average attendance 109, Annual Grant 61-4-0 (p.452)(PP 1874 XVIII)

1874: Average attendance 107, Annual Grant 71-2-0 (p.453)(PP 1875 XXIV)

1875: Average attendance 118, Annual Grant 57-15-7 (p.677)(PP 1876 XXIII)

1876: Average attendance and grant: not given, school shown as 'Suspended'(PP 1877 XXIX)

1877: Average attendance 133, Annual Grant 86-6-0 (p.865)(PP 1878 XXVIII)

1878: Average attendance 153, Annual Grant 131-15-6 (p.1055)(PP 1879 XXIII)

1879: Accomodation for: 263, Average attendance 155, Annual Grant 135-12-6 (p.748)(PP 1880 XXII)

1880: Average attendance 153, Annual Grant 133-17-6 (p.735)(PP 1881 XXXII)

1881: Average attendance 135, Annual Grant 117-14-0 (p.796)(PP 1882 XXIII)


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