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Dyma'r tudalen lle rydym yn cofnodi darganfyddiadau ar hap o grwydriaid Llangynfelyn - pobl a ganwyd yma, neu a gafodd cysylltiadau cryfion â'r plwyf, ac a symudodd rhywbryd.

Mae ffynhonellau y gwybodaeth yn amrywiol: peth wedi'i cyfranu gan defnyddwyr y wefan sydd wedi dod o hyd i rywbeth, weithiau nyni sydd wedi gweld rhywbeth. Fe all y manylion dod o gyfrifiadau, cofrestrau plwyf, cofebion, newyddiaduron neu ble blynnag. 'Tasech chi'n dod o hyd i unrhyw gwybodaeth a allwn ychwanegu at y tudalen hon, ni.

Nid oes unrhyw drefn arbennig i'r cofnodion.

This is the page where we record any random sightings in records of Llangynfelyn strays - people who were born here or who had strong connections with the parish, and at some point left.

The sources of the information vary: some of it has been contributed from other users of the site who have noticed something, sometimes we have found the information ourselves. The information might be from Censuses, parish registers, gravestones, newspapers or whatever. Please, if you come across any information that we could add to this page, .

There is no particular order to the entries.

David MORGAN and family - Ashton-under-Lyne, 1891

I (Nigel Callaghan) was in Manchester Library ploughing through the 1891 Census for Ashton-under-Lyne looking for my Callaghan ancestors. In the middle of the 'Irish quarter' I suddenly noticed a Welsh name, just round the corner from my great-grandfather, and guess where they came from!

1891 Census, RG12/3279, Ashton St. Peters.
85 Cotton St, (4 rooms) (164 on schedule)
David MORGAN, Head, Married, 43, Coal Miner, Llancynfelyn
Eliza MORGAN, Wife, Married, 38, Llancynfelyn
Harriet MORGAN, Dau, Single, 18, Cotton Reeler, Llancynfelyn
David MORGAN, Son, 14, Cotton Spinner, Glamorgan (Ferndale)
Edith MORGAN, Dau, 6, Scholar, Cheshire (Dukinfield)
Abraham MORGAN, Son, 4, Cheshire (Dukinfield)
Lilley MORGAN, Dau, 2months, Lancs (Ashton u Lyne)

Cyfrifiad 1851 Census, Aberystwyth

The following were found by Mandy Pemberton

17 North Gate Street, Aberystwyth
Richard Richards, Head, Married, 68, Woolen Manufacturer Llangynfelyn
Elizabeth Richards, Wife, Married, 60, Lampeter
Catherine Richards, Daughter, 24, House Maid, London
Richard Richards, Son, 20, Shipwright, Llanbardarn

18 North Gate Street, Aberystwyth
Charles Sweeney, Head, Married, 45, Pensioner, Ireland
Eliza Sweeney, Wife, Married, 49, Pembroke
John James, Father-in-law, Widower, 71, Pensioner, Llangynfelyn

10 North Parade, Aberystwyth
Mary Evans, Servant, Unmarried, 30, House Servant, Llangynfelyn

Mandy also found:
Parish Registers for Llanwrin, Montgomery, Wales: Maurice ROWLAND of Llanwryn and Jane DAVID of Llangynfelyn were married by Licence, 29 October 1751.

...and another assorted batch from various Censuses thanks again to Mandy Pemberton (added Dec 2004)

1891 Census

Address: 159 Granville Street, Birmingham Warwickshire

Margaret OWEN, Head, Widow, 70, -, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
Mary Lloyd OWEN, Daur, S, 32, Warehouse woman, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Address: 261 Burbury Street, Aston, Warwickshire

John RICHARDS, Head, M, 44, Carpenter, Borth, Cardigan
Catherine RICHARDS, Wife, M, 43, -, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
John J RICHARDS, Son, S, 18, Carpenter, Ditto,
Margaret RICHARDS, Daur, S, 13, Scholar, Aston Manor, Warwickshire
Richard RICHARDS, Son, -, 12, Scholar, Ditto
Mary E RICHARDS, Daur, -, 6, Ditto,
Evan RICHARDS, Son, -, 2, -, Ditto
Thomas JENKINS, Lodger, S, 25, Carpenter, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
Thomas R WARRINGTON, Visitor, S , 16, Carpenter, Aberystwyth, Cardigan
Address: 43 Edward Street, Bermondsey, Surrey

Edward W DAVIS, Head, Mar, 27, Dairyman, Milk, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
Elizabeth, Wife, Mar, 23, -, Nantenelle, Cardigan
Elizabeth D, Daur, -, 1, -, Bermondsey, Surrey
Mary G, Daur, -, 4 mths, -, Bermondsey, Surrey
Elizabeth A, Sister, S, 22, General Servant, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
Address: Admiral Street, Toxteth Park, Lancashire

Evan JONES, Head, M, 52, Joiner, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
Jane, Wife, M, 52, -, Market Drayton, Shropshire
Jane, Daur, S, 20, Dressmaker, Liverpool, Lanc.
Annie, Daur, S, 16, Pupil Teacher, Ditto,
George, Son, -, 13, Office Boy, Ditto
Joseph CHALMERS, Nephew, -, 15, Plumber's Apprentice, Leeds, York
Address: 47 Wells Street, Hackney London

Evan JONES, Head, Wdr, 59, Clerk in Holy Orders, Llancynfelyn Cardigan
Richard E, Son, S, 17, Scholar, Hackney, London
Elizabeth, Niece, S, 22, Domestic Servant, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
David ARTER, B-L, M, 44, Mariner, Cardiganshire [Borth?]
Ann ARTER, S-L, M, 42, -, Cardiganshire
Address: 20 Magdelen Street, Oxford

David R THOMAS, Head, Single, 33, Chemist, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
[together with housekeeper, 2 chemist assistants and 1 general servant - all unrelated]
Address: 290 Oldham Road, Failsworth, Lancashire

Joseph THOMAS, Head, Mar, 46, 46, Elementary School Teacher, Llancynfelen, Cardigan
Elizabeth, Wife, Mar, 46, Draper, Pucklechurch, Gloucestershire
Herbert, Son, -, 16, Draper's Assistant, Failsworth, Lancashire
William B, Son, -, {Age?}, Office Boy, Failsworth, Lancashire
Florence E, Daur, -, 12, Scholar, Failsworth Lancashire

1871 Census

Address: Ismynydd (I think) Merionethshire

William J Gilbertson, Head, Mar, 66, Annuitant, Llancynfelin, Cardigan
Harriett Gilbertson, Wife, Mar, 46, Annuitant's wife, Llanferes, Denbigh
Margaret Lewis, Servant, U/M, 19, -, Barmouth, Merionethshire

1901 Census

Address: 22 Albion Street, Islington, London

Elizabeth Breese, Head, Widow, 43,.Charwoman?, Llancynfelin, Wales,
Mary A Breese, Daur, Single, 20, Dressmaker, Whitechapel, London
Kate E Breese, Daur, Single, 18, Cigarette Maker?, Islington, London
William J Breese, Son, Single, 17, Asst to Scale Master?, Islington London
Florence J Breese Daur, Single, 15, Dressmaker, Islington London
Address: 42 Bishops Road, Bethnel Green, London

John E Jones, Head, Mar, 55, Dairy and Provision Dealer (Shopkeeper), Own Account, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan
Margaret Jones, Wife, Mar, 55, -, -, Llancynfelyn, Cardigan

1861 Census

...and a couple more from 1861 from Mandy (added May 2005)

Address: 7 Sparricks Row, Southwark, St Olive, Surrey

Thomas RICHARDS, Head, Married, 50/54?, Hop Porter, Llancynfelyn
Anne, Wife, Married, 49, -, LLG
Anne, Daur, Unmarried, 18, -, LLG
Jane W, Daur, Unmarried, 3, -, Southwark,
Thomas DAVIS, Nephew, Unmarried, 24, Tea Dealer, Wales,
Thomas H RICHARDS, Nephew, Unmarried, 25, Hop Porter, London,
David WATKIN, Boarder, Unmarried, 26, Saddler, Wales
William OWEN, Boarder, Unmarried, 23, School Master, Wales,
Ebenezer DAVIS, Boarder, Married, 48, Bravery Steller (?), Wales,
Mary HUMPHREYS, Visitor, Unmarried, 20, Dressmaker, Wales, Aberystwyth _________________________________________________
Address: 19 Goswell Terrace, St James, Middlesex

James DAVIES, Head, Married, 32, Gold and Silver Refiner, Kilkennen,Cardiganshire
Jane, Wife, Married, 30, -, Llancynfelyn, Cardiganshire

Cyfrifiad Sir Feirionydd 1851 Census Meirioneth

Don't know why I was looking at this....(added Dec 2004)

Plwyf Talyllyn:
Henry Thomas, Head, Married, 53, Slate quarrier, born Llandrillo, Mer.
Ann Thomas, Wife, 57, born Talyllyn, Mer.
Ellin Thomas, dau,23,At home, born Llancynfelyn
Evan R Thomas, son, 20, Slate Quarrier, born Llancynfelyn
Ann Thomas, dau, 18, Milliner(?), born Llancynfelyn
Edward Thomas, son, 12,Quarry Boy, born Llancynfelyn
Robert Williams, Lodger, 55

Cyfrifiad Sir Trefaldwyn 1851 Census Montgomeryshire

I found the following whilst looking through some of the Census transcripts for John Pugh of Canberra. I checked the parishes of Darowen, Llanwrin and Cemmaes. These are all the Llangynfelyn references.

(35) "Frondeg" Elizabeth Thomas, Head, Widow, 39, Paupers Widow/Ag Lab, born Darowen
Elizabeth Thomas, Dau,Unm, 9, born Llancynfelyn
Jane Davies, Bastard Dau, 4, born Darowen

(49) "Brinwg Pella"(?) Edward Robert, Head, 39, mason, Darowen
Elisabeth Robert, Wife, 37, Llancynfelyn
Evan Robert, Son, 11, Llancynfelyn + 4 other children

"Barhedyn" Hugh Pugh, Head, 47
Ann Thomas, Serv,Unm,15,Gen Servant, Llancynfelyn

"Bronynhael"(?) John Richards, Head, 40, Shepherd, Penegoes
Ann Richards, Wife, 44, Llancynfelyn
Elizabeth Richards,Dau,16 + 4 other children and lodger

Noddfa, Darowen
"Cwmbychan Mawr" John Jones, Head, 55, Farmer
Ann Isaac, Unm, 24, Serv, House Servant, Llancynfelyn
Richard Isaac, Visitor, Mar, 62, Ag Lab
Gwen Isaac, Visitor, Mar, 60, Lab Wife

"Glanfechan" Thomas Jones, Head, 60, Farmer
Ann Pugh, Serv, UNm, 19, House Servant, Llancynfelyn

(18) "Caeago" Evan Jones, Head, 41, Farmer
Anne Thomas, Serv, Unm, 21, House Servant, Llancynfelyn

(39) "Paisnant" William Jones, Head, 32, Farmer
Anne Griffiths, Serv, Unm, 11, House Servant, Llancynfelyn

"Cwmdrol" John Morgan, Head, Mar, 53, Farmer
Mary Morgan, Wife, Mar, 48, Llangynfelyn + children

Cyfrifiadau/Censuses Pennal (Meirionydd)

These have been taken (with his permission) from the Census transcripts for Pennal parish (Meirionydd) on Peter Davies' website http://peter-davies.org/.


Pennal Tower
Jane Owens Servant Unm 18 Serv in house Llancaerfelin, Head: John Edwards,42, Farmer and Gardener
Mary Morgans Servant Unm 18 House servant Llangaerfelin, Head: Jenkin Jenkins,43,Farmer
Uoty Fach
John Ellis Son Unm 11 Llangaerfelin, Head: Griffith Ellis, 38, Ag Lab
John Hughes Servant Unm 30 Head servant Llangaerfelin, Head: R Humphreys, 71, Calvinist minister


Sydney Edwards Servant Unm 18 General servant Llangaerfelin Head: Hugh Pryce, 47, Maltster Innkeeper
75 Hen Factory
Margaret Davies Wife M 32 Cardigan Llangaerfelin Head: Hugh Davies, 30, Quarryman
76 Hen Factory
Jane Latham Wife M 20 Cardigan Llangaerfelin Head: Edwin Latham, 23, Gardener
Mary J Latham Dau 6mth Cardigan Llangaerfelin
Elizabeth Jones Servant Unm 30 Farm servant Cardigan Llangaerfelin Head: William Jones, 20, farmer of 166 acres
Penthrin Dovey Farm House
Ann Meredith Wife M 43 Cardigan Llanganfelyn Head: James Meredith, 47, Farmer of 238 acres
Mary Roberts Servant Unm 17 General servant Cardigan Taleison Head: William Roberts, 47 , Quarryman


Church Street
Sarah J Davies Wife M 24 Cardigan Llangafelin Head: Thomas Davies, 24, General labourer
Graiandy House
Elizabeth Richards Servant S 34 General servant Cardigan Llanannfelin : Catherine Jones, Wid, 80, Retired farm wife

William a Margaret Davies, Rhymni

Mae cofnodion marwolaeth y ddau uchod, gynt o Daliesin, yn Yr Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd.

Other local non-conformist registers

While checking a few of the other local non-parochial registers in LlGC, we found the following:

3813(i) Aberystwyth, Tabernacle (Calvinist Methodist)

Elizabeth Rees, formerly of Llancynfelin, wife of Morgan Morgans, Labourer, formerly of Llancynfelin, baprism of daughter Elizabeth Morgans, 9 November 1816. Also, baptism of their son William, born 16 January 1820.

3813(ii) Penygarn, Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn (Calvinist Methodist)

Margaret Thomas, formerly of Llancynfelin, wife of Hugh Thomas, mason, Pantydderwen, Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn, birth of daughter Margaret, 15 June 1806.
Anne Lewis, formerly of Llancynfelin, wife of John Lewis, Labourer, Ty'n y ffynnon, Ll.G.G., birth of daughter Eleanor, 9 January 1812
Anne Jones, formerly of Llancynfelin, wife of Hugh Hughes, Shoemaker, Llandre, birth of children Thomas, Catherine, John, Edward, 1817-1826

RG4/4013 Capel y Graig, Llanfihangel Geneu'r Glyn (Calvinist Methodist)

14 May 1829 Ann, a female, born in parish of Llancynfelin April 8 1829, parents John and Ann Williams (Davies), Felin Lodge, Hatter.
5 Feb 1832, Hugh, born 31 Dec 1831, to the same parents.

Jones of Gwynfryn

Parish Register, Llandinam, Montgomery

William Jones of the parish of Llanbadarn Fawr and Mary Tilsley of this parish were married in this church by Licence 22nd day of April in the year 1780 by me Richard Lloyd Minister, Witnesses - Mary Jones, William? Jones, M? Williams of Pool

These are the parents of William Tilsley Jones of Gwynfryn, and grandparents of Bishop William Basil Jones. See the entry from Burke's Landed Gentry

David Morgan and family, hatter

1851 Census Holyhead,Anglesey.
David Morgan born 1817,Llangynfelin occ Hatter
Jane Morgan Wife born 1822, Anglesey
Jane Morgan daughter born 1847 Caernarvon
Maurice W Morgan born 1849 Caernarvon
Hannah S Morgan born 1850 Holyhead
Anne Morgan born 1830 Llangynfelin
(added Dec 2005 - spotted by Vaughan Williams.)


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