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Cofrestr Etholwyr 1896

Electoral Roll 1896

Ownership Electors.
Parliamentary Electors, and Parochial Electors.

No. Name Abode Nature of Qualification Property
1 Arter, David Goitre freehold house and garden Goitre
2 Arthur, John Taliesin freehold house and garden Taliesin
3 Davis, John Taliesin leasehold land Taliesin
4 Evans, Richard Doleclettwr freehold house and garden Dole
5 Fryer, Henry Charles Lodge Park freehold land Dolau
6 Harris, William Batty street, London, E. undivided half of leasehold houses and garden Penycae, Taliesin
7 Harries, John, jun. Taliesin freehold houses and gardens Taliesin
8 Jones, Evan, Rev. Well street, Hackney, London Tymawr and freehold land Penpompren
*9 Jones, John David Talybont freehold houses and gardens Taliesin
10 Jones, Richard Talybont freehold houses and garden Taliesin
11 Joel, Richard Rock house freehold land Tre'rddol
12 Jones, Richard Glanmorfa freehold land Glanmorfa
13 Jones, John (smith) Taliesin house and land Taliesin
14 Jones, John Royal Oak, Taliesin freehold houses Taliesin
15 Jones, James Taliesin leasehold house and land Taliesin
16 James, William Taliesin leasehold houses and premises Taliesin
17 Lloyd, Edward Taliesin freehold houses and gardens Taliesin
18 Morgans, John Machynlleth leasehold houses and gardens Taliesin
19 Pugh, Evan Taliesin freehold houses and gardens Post office,Taliesin
20 Thomas, Lewis Tre'rddol freehold land Tre'rddol
21 Williams, David Tre'rddol freehold land Tynycornel
* To poll at Talybont for Parliamentary Elections only

The columns headed "Nature of Qualification" and "Description of Qualifying Property" not included from here on. Any additional infomation from these columns is in square brackets [ ].

Occupation Electors (other than Lodgers)
Division One. Parliamentary Electors, County Electors, and Parochial Electors.

22 Arter, David Goitre
23 Beechy, Thomas Ty'nycornel
24 Beechy, Lewis Capelucha [Tre'r-ddôl]
25 Carrington, John Taliesin
26 Davies, John Taliesin
27 Davies, John Dolaugwyn
28 Davies, David Taliesin
29 Davies, Lewis Brynymor [Llangynfelyn]
30 Davies, Thomas Tre'rddol
31 Davies, Lewis Penycae
32 Davies, David Penycae
33 Evans, John Pantglasbach
34 Evans, Edward Commercial Inn [Tre'r-ddôl]
35 Evans, John Tanllan
36 Edwards, Hugh Wesley terrace, Tre'rddol
37 Edwards, Lewis Taliesin
38 Edwards, William Old Post Office [Taliesin]
39 Evans, Richard Taliesin
40 Evans, William Nantyllan
41 Evans, Evan Llanerch
42 Evans, Richard Tre'rddol
43 Griffiths, James Dolcletwr
44 Griffiths, Isaac Brickyard [Ynyslas]
45 Griffiths, Thomas Dolenidd
46 Griffiths, Thomas Llwynwallter
47 Howells, Richard Taliesin
48 Hughes, Edward Taliesin
49 Humphreys, Lewis Chapel Street [Taliesin]
50 Isaac, David Goitre
51 Isaac, David, junior Goitre
52 Jenkins, Richard Henhafod
53 Jones, Jonathan Taliesin
54 Jones, Thomas, miner Wesley terrace
55 Jones, John 2, Pencae, Taliesin
56 Jones, Lewis Trwynybuarth
57 Jones, William Gwarcwmissa
58 Jones, John Penpompren
59 Jones, Thomas Gwarcwmbach
60 Jones, James Tymawr Mochno
61 Jones, John Pantcoch
62 Jones, John, junior Penpompren
63 James, James Tanrallt
64 Jenkins, John Taliesin
65 Jenkins, Edward Penybank
66 Joel, Richard Rock house
67 Jones, John Dolau [Tre'r-ddôl]
68 Jones, John Goitre
69 Jones, William Wesley terrace [Taliesin]
70 Jones, Richard Glanymorfa
71 Jones, John Tymawr Mochno
72 Jones, John Royal Oak
73 Jones, James Taliesin
74 James, William Taliesin
75 Jones, John No. 8, Penycae
76 James, David Penycae
77 Jones, Richard Taliesin
78 Jones, Jenkin Gelly
79 Jenkins, Evan Penycae
80 Lewis, Lewis Lloyd Tre'rddol
81 Lewis, John Craigypendryn
82 Lloyd, John Cwmslaidfach
83 Lewis, John Gwyndy
84 Lloyd, Edward Taliesin
85 Lloyd, Evan Tre'rddol
86 Lloyd, John Tre'rddol
87 Lloyd, Isaac Cefnerglodd
88 Morgans, David Wesley terrace
89 Mitton, John Tre'rddol
90 Mason, William Llettylwydyn
91 Morgans, David Gogerddan arms
92 Owens, Evan Wesley terrace [Taliesin]
93 Owens, Richard Fychesgoch
94 Owens, Owen Smithfield place, Taliesin
95 Owens, Thomas David Bon Marche [Tre'rddol]
96 Owens, William Taliesin
97 Phillips, Rowland Erglodd
98 Pugh, William, carrier Taliesin
99 Phillips, David (P.C.) Wesley terrace [Taliesin]
100 Pugh, William, mason Taliesin
101 Pryse, Pryse Pryse Lodge park
102 Rees, John Halfway inn
103 Rowlands, David Troedrhiwfedwen
104 Rowlands, Evan Troedrhiwfedwen
105 Roberts, David Taliesin
106 Rowlands, Robert Llanerch
107 Rees, Thomas Tre'rddol
108 Roberts, John Taliesin
109 Roberts, Richard Wesley terrace [Taliesin]
110 Roderick, Rev. Griffith Llancynfelin vicarage
111 Richards, Isaac Ynystudor
112 Richards, John, mariner Taliesin
113 Richards, Thomas Craigypendryn
114 Roberts, David Goitre
115 Roberts, Rev. John Evan Wesley cottage [Tre'r-ddôl]
116 Samuel, John Blaen-y-park
117 Smith, Robert Craigypendryn
118 Thomas, Edward Tynllwyn
119 Thomas, John Tre'rddol
120 Thomas, Jenkin Thomas Neuadd-yr-ynys
121 Thomas, Thomas Neuadd-yr-ynys
122 Thomas, James Neuadd-yr-ynys
123 Thomas, William Glandovey
124 Thomas, Thomas Wesley terrace [Taliesin]
125 Thomas, Edward Second Woodbine [Taliesin]
126 Thomas, David Chapel street [Taliesin]
127 Thomas, Lewis Tre'rddol
128 Weaver, John Taliesin
129 Williams, John Tre'rddol
130 Williams, Lewis Oliver Mill street [Tre'r-ddôl]
131 Williams, Peter Tre'rddol
132 Williams, Charles Tre'rddol
133 Williams, Griffith Tre'rddol
134 Weaver, John Tynywern
135 Walker, Richard Tre'rddol
136 Williams, William Tynywern

Occupation Electors (other than Lodgers)
Division Two. Parliamentary Electors and Parochial Electors.

137 Jones, James Schoolhouse, Taliesin, Glandovey, R.S.O.
138 Phillips, David (P.C.) Wesley terrace, Taliesin, Glandovey, R.S.O.
139 Woosnam, Evan Railway cottage

Occupation Electors (other than Lodgers)
Division Three. County Electors and Parochial Electors.

140 Arthur, Elinor Taliesin
141 Daniel, Ann Taliesin
142 Davies, Ann Tre'rddol (under Chapel)
143 Evans, Elizabeth Part of Old Post Office [Taliesin]
144 Evans, Margaret Tre'rddol
145 Evans, Mary Felin Lodge
146 Evans, Jane Goitre
147 Felix, Anne Jane Taliesin
148 Isaac, Jane Taliesin
149 Isaac, Elizabeth Taliesin
150 James, Elizabeth Pencae, Taliesin
151 James, Margaret Taliesin
152 Jones, Ann Llanerch
153 Jones, Catherine Taliesin
154 Jones, Mary Woodbine Cottage [Taliesin]
155 Jones, Mary Taliesin
156 Jones, Jane Taliesin
157 Jones, Mary Grocery Shop, Tre'rddol
158 Jones, Kate Taliesin
159 Jones, Winifred Taliesin House [Taliesin]
160 Jones, Elizabeth Craigypendryn
161 Lloyd, Ann Nantllain
162 Lloyd, Elizabeth Penycae [Taliesin]
163 Monday, Mary Ann Craigypendryn
164 Morris, Mary Taliesin
165 Morgan, Anne Taliesin village
166 Morgans, Elizabeth Penrhos
167 Morris, Mary Taliesin
168 Owens, Elizabeth Panteg
169 Parry, Elizabeth Smithfield Place, Taliesin
170 Pritchard, Ann Tre'rddol
171 Pugh, Ann Post Office [Taliesin]
172 Price, Margaret Pencae, Taliesin
173 Rees, Ann Taliesin
174 Richards, Elizabeth Taliesin
175 Richards, Elizabeth Mill street, Tre'rddol
176 Richard, Ann Penycae, Taliesin
177 Roberts, Jane Capelucha [Tre'r-ddôl]
178 Thomas, Elizabeth Taliesin
179 Williams, Ann Blaenypark
180 Williams, Martha Taliesin
181 Williams, Catherine Wesley Terrace
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