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Adroddiadau ar Mwynglawdd Taliesin


Reports on Taliesin Mine

Adysgrifiad o adroddiad printiedig ym mhapurau Gogerddan, sy'n cynnwys dwy llythr oddi wrth J G Williams (Asiant Ystad Gogerddan) ac adroddiad ffurfiol gan William Williams, Capten Mwynglawdd Taliesin (Neuadd yr Ynys).   Transcript of a printed report in the Gogerddan Papers, containing two letters from J G Williams (Agent for the Gogerddan Estate) and a formal report by William Williams, Captain of the Taliesin (Neuadd yr Ynys) Mine.


Bow Street, via Shrewsbury
February 10th, 1857
Taliesin Mine

The only letter applying for an extension of time to bring this Mine under the Limited Liability Act has been from yourself. The last communication I have had with Mr. BACON was on the 22nd October, enclosing the cheque for £52 15s.

I have laid your letter before Captain PRYSE, and as he is anxious to promote the mining interest, particularly when the Mines in the Gogerddan Estate are worked by a respectable Company, that he will do all he can to promote their interest; and, knowing the great flatness there has been in the Mining Market for the last six months, that he is willing to extend the time for a further period of three months, say, May 10th, by which time he hopes to see the Company completely re-established, and brought out under the Limited Liability Act.

I have repeatedly remonstrated about the absurdity of the system hitherto adopted at this Mine, of spending nearly all your money on the surface, instead of exploring the underground workings, where, if one-half the money had been laid out according to the plans laid down by the Captain of the Mine (Mr. WILLIAMS), the Mine would now turn out, at the least, 50 tons monthly. I know the capabilities of that man, and his system of working, which are very far superior to many of the Cornish Captains, who have been so repeatedly sent there to examine, and issue out a flourishing and frothy report.

If you really intend to work this Mine with the intention of getting your money out of the Mine, and not, on the Mining Exchange, in buying and selling Shares, the first thing I should suggest is to get rid of the steam-engine, and bring your water by a leat, and drive your levels along the course of the vein under the bog, where you will meet with sufficient ore to work out lease and three renewals.

Your obedient Servant,
69, Upper Thames Street, London, E.C.

Bow Street, via Shrewsbury
April 23rd, 1857
Taliesin Mine

Captain PRYSE does not understand your object in applying for a further concession of time to work this Mine from the 10th May to the 2nd June; and, when that period arrives, I suppose we must look for another application of the same nature. He desires me to inform you that he positively declines granting beyond the 10th of May, as this valuable Mine has been lying dormant for so long a time

With respect to the water, it can be conveyed through Mr. LOVEDEN's land, except for about a hundred yards or so, butwhich. perhaps, may be avoided by taking a little circuit. I would recommend your engaging Captain JOHN HUGHES, of Talybont, to dial the ground, and report thereon. If he wishes it, I will send him my maps of the district.

Yours truly,
J.BACON, Esq., London

Captain William's report on the Taliesin Mine

Taliesin Mine,
April 23rd, 1857

I beg to hand you the following report of what is necessary to have at the Taliesin Mine.

MACHINERY.— The most convenient plan for the water-wheel is by Trer-ddoll, and line of rods to Fearon's shaft. The water must be brought 500 yards through Mrs. DAVIS's lands, which are 1,720 yards from the water-wheel. The cost of 40-feet diameter wheel, 4 feet breast, for pumping and crushing the ore, wheel-pit, Launder's reservoir, stone lime, also 500 yards connecting rods from the wheel to Fearon's shaft, gutter and spindles plated, timber standards for pulleys, will be £548.

The cost of timber for new whim at Fearon's shaft, also T.Bob, 60 yards of whim chain, two wood kibbles and standards for pulleys, will be £22 5s.

The WATER-WHEEL will pay the whole cost of erecting in a short time, and afterwards there will be no expense like the steam-engine. The engine consumes eighteen tons of coal monthly, working twelve hours per day. Wages of Engineer, £4 per month; tallow, oil and sundries, from 8s. to 10s. per month. After calculating the whole cost of engine for twelve months, it will be at least £250.

We can work the mine with the engine until the water wheel is erected.

UNDERGROUND OPERATIONS. — I would advise you to put the pumps in Fearon's shaft to fork the water; then drive on No. 3, lode south, which is looking favourable for ore; then drive a cross-cut north to intersect 4, 5 and 6 lodes. After proving these lodes, I advise you to sink Fearon's shaft, and after giving a trial upon these lodes, there is no doubt, in my opinion, they will turn out a good portion of ore.

It is necessary to put the whim to fork the water at Bacon's shaft down to the 10-fathom level under the adit, then drive east and west upon the No.8 lode to intersect the No. 13 lode, and drive upon the No. 13 lode, where we had a good portion of ore at the 12-fathom level above. By driving east and west at this level on the No. 8 and 13 lodes, we shall have good backs of orey ground. We have driven at the adit on No. 13 lode for 30-fathoms through orey ground.

It is necessary to drive the 18-fathom level under No. 13 lode, and through orey ground to Bacon's shaft; which requires to be sunk 8 fathoms deeper to meet this level, and which will bring plenty of air, and then drive the 18-fathom east, under the Bog. The shaft will be useful to rise to stuff and ore to the surface, and the tramroad will take the ore down to the crusher.

I should also recommend driving two or three cross-cut, at the west end of the Mine, — two at the 18-fathom level, one at the 8-fathom level, and one in adit level, for a few fathoms, to prove the lode.

At the east part of the Mine, in the low ground, there are many lodes running through the sett, and where I think there is a junction of several lodes. This the very spot to sink a shaft, for there is no doubt the lodes will make a strong body of ore here, and by sinking a shaft, you will be able to drive east and west to meet the 18-fathom level.

If you are agreeable to work upon the above places, there is no doubt the Mine will turn a great portion of ore, and pay a good dividend. By the appearance of the lodes, I think Taliesin will be a lasting Mine, and turn out one of the best Mines in the neighbourhood.


LlGC/NLW Adran Llawysgrifau/Manuscripts Dept, Gogerddan Papers (box 45), bundle 'Taliesin Mine'


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