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Ysgol Llangynfelyn 1876-1976

Pennod 2 - Detholion o'r Llyfrau Cofnodion (Log Books)


After dismissing the children this afternoon, I taught a boy creating a disturbance at the door, a very common practice, and thereby interrupting me in the instruction of the pupil teachers. I brought the offender into the schoolroom intend- ing to confine him until the pupil teachers were dismissed. In about a quarter of an hour the mother of the boy appeared at the door armed with an axe and for about twenty minutes she battered the door with such violence that ultimately the lock gave way. As she threatened my life I thought it prudent to let the boy go and thus perhaps I saved my neck.

October 24

Today the new Board Schoolroom was opened. The children were treated with tea and cakes by the Members of the Board after which they adjourned to a field at the back of the schoolroom and engaged in Rustic Sports. At 6.30 a public meeting was held when addresses were delivered by Mr. Fryer (Chairman) Mr. Jones Glanmorfa, Mr. John Davies Erglodd, The Rev. Phillips Wesleyan Minister, and Mr. R. Morris.

October 25

This afternoon I removed the children from the old to the new schoolroom.


September 11

Many children absent shaking peat on the Bog. This work has been delayed on account of the rains.

November 30

The New Wesleyan Chapel at Tre'r Ddol was formally opened yesterday. The event drained the school of a great many children.

December 14

Mr. David Adams Talybont, and Mr. E. Felix visited me and looked over the school. Mr. Adams expressed himself satisfied with the discipline, singing and handwriting.


The following scale of fees will henceforth be substituted for that hitherto in force. A copy of the same has been submitted to the Educational Department and in reply My Lords say they see no objection to it.

Farmers and Tradesmen 2/6 
Artizans and Miners 2/-per quarter
Labourers 1/- 

The following salaries and bills were ordered to pay:

Lewis Edwards, 3½ tons of coal 3-10-0
Daniel Thomas, Sewing material 8-5
William Jenkins, Chalk 1-4
Owen Morgan, 1 days work cleaning grounds 2-6
William Pugh, 10lbs of candles for school use 4-7


December 7

Christmas Day and New Year's Day falling on Saturday, we have given no holidays this winter.


April 25

E. Davies was found making use of a note book when doing his Euclid Paper. His examinations therefore is to be regarded as a failure.

July 13

The three Pupil Teachers complain of their inability to maintain authority and discipline in their classes and that if they send a child out for punishment they are threatened by the parents. I have found it necessary to proclaim the duties of the children and the right of the teachers.


January 20

A half holiday was given this afternoon to allow the school children to attend the funeral of Margaret Morris the centenarian who died on Thursday last at Tanyrallt.

She was born at Borth according to the most reliable information on the 12th September 1776. Consequently she had reached the great age of 108 years and 4 months. For the last 8 years of her life she had been bed-ridden, chiefly on account of rheumatism in her legs. In other respects she was in perfect health and in full possession of all her mental faculties up to the last.

She was buried at Talybont cemetry. Margaret Morris was remarkable for many things besides her longevity, she received no early education but when nearly 40 years of age she learned to read her Welsh Bible by attending the Sunday School She had a most retentive memory and could repeat at will about 10 chapters of the Bible. Frequently during her last years she would repeat as many as six or seven chapters on a Sunday.

She had an inexhaustible store of verses and most of the hymns of Williams Pantycelyn were quite familiar to her, and she never tired of repeating them.

In connection with her longevity, the following facts may be interesting. She was born in 1776 the year in which the Americans issued their famous Declaration of Independence. She was 39 years of age at the time of the Battle of Waterloo.


September 23

Several children have been habitually absent during the last three weeks gathering mushrooms.


July 9

Bostocks (late Wombwell's) Managerie at Talybont. Mr. H.C. Fryer (late Chairman of the Schoolboard) paid for the admission of 100 children from this school. I therefore at 4 p.m. marched that number down to Talybont. The children enjoyed the treat immensely and they all returned home safely.

Plant yr ysgol ym 1891 / the children in 1891
Plant yr ysgol ym 1891
The children of the school in 1891.


September 1

Taught a Welsh song, Yr Eneth Ddall. Cannot get children to sing sweetly.



D.O. Williams 12 year old obtained second place in the Aberystwyth District in the Teacher's Candidates Examination held last June.


An Eisteddfod was held last Friday evening to wipe off the balance of the piano.


June 13

School closed. Taliesin children's choir competing in Towyn.


June 5

Lilian M. Edwards won an entrance Scholarship into the County School. She was the only pupil presented this year.


September 30

Attendance down this week owing to an auction in Glanmorfa Farm.

October 18

School closed. Talybont Pleasure Fair.

November 22

The school closed. Aberystwyth Hiring Fair.


January 31

A political meeting was held here by Mr. Llewelyn Williams K.C.


October 8

Miss Dorothy Owen until recently a pupil at Aberystwyth County School has been granted to teach here for purpose of getting practice. She commences today as unpaid teacher.

October 14

Miss Laura Pugh commences here today as a student teacher. Unpaid permission has been granted by the Director.


July 24

Cyril Evans is suffering with septic gums following tooth extraction. Gwilym Evans has been sent home as he was feeling ill. The other groups are very good.


June 30

Miss L. M. Pugh resigns as teacher here today. She leaves to get married. The pupils gave her a wedding gift which was handed to her by Audrey Rees the oldest pupil.


July 21

The two boys Haydn Williams and Ronnie Jones are expected home from Llangrannog Camp.


June 5th

Two children Lloyd Rowlands and Nesta Evans have passed the Scholarship Entrance Examination.


June 26

John Hefin Evans attended the Belle Vue Hotel Aberystwyth this afternoon to receive the first prize in an essay competition under the auspices of the R.S.P.C.A.


December 21

Today Miss C. W. Isaac retired after 41 years service at this school.

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