Hanes a dogfennau
History & records


Llyfr cofnodion Ysgol Llangynfelyn

Llangynfelyn school record book

Dyma detholiad allan o lyfrau cofnodion Ysgol Llangynfelyn. The following are extracts from the Llangynfelyn school record book.

1876, Aug. 4 Friday. A great number of children are in the measles and therefore the attendance is still further reduced to 47.6. On account of this, and for other reasons, the School was this day broken up for the Summer Vacation.
1876, Oct. 17 Thursday. After dismissing the Children this afternoon I caught a boy creating a disturbance at the door - a very common practice - and thereby interrupting me in the instruction of the Pupil Teachers. I brought the offender into the Schoolroom intending to confine him until the P. Teachers were dismissed. In about a quarter of an hour the mother of the boy appeared at the door armed with an axe and for about twenty minutes she battered the door with such violence that ultimately the lock gave way. As she threatened my life I thought it prudent to let the boy go and thus perhaps I saved my neck.
1876, Nov. 2 Thursday. The woman - Mary Morgan - referred to on page 162 [17 Oct. 1876] was this day convicted at the Trerddol Petty Sessions and ordered to pay 10/- damages and costs. She also received a reprimanding and had to make a distinct promise never again to repeat the offence.
1884, May 27 Saw an Italian pass with a monkey. Called him up & gave an object lesson to the whole school on the monkey. 58 of the children had never seen one.
1884, Sept. 19 The Great Heat, which continues from week to week, is severely felt in the Schoolroom, especially in the afternoon when it becomes intolerable. The School Fees received during the past three weeks amount to £6.3.4
1884, Oct. 3 After the first lesson this afternoon I assembled the whole School together in the Classroom - having previously darkened the window - and delivered a Collective Lesson on the Total Eclipse of the Moon which will take place to-morrow night. By means of a lighted lamp, a globe, and a sheet of paper, I explained ...
1885, Jan. 20A half-holiday was given this afternoon to allow the School Children attend the funeral of Margaret Morris, the centenarian, who died on Thursday last the 15th instant, at Tanyrallt.
She was born at Borth, according to the most reliable information, on the 12th Sept'r 1776. Consequently she had reached the great age of 108 years and 4 months ...        
1885, July 21 Mr Shannon, Agent in Advance for a Negro Troupe of Vocalists, called to arrange for a Concert on Friday next.
1885, July 23 A very hot and sultry day. Small attendance. Gave the Third Standard a lesson on British Wild Flowers.
1885, July 27 A very hot day. The Thermometer reached 84 degrees F. in the shade.
1885, July 30 Trerddol Eisteddfod. Holiday. The Marquee was fixed in the meadow opposite the School house, and the Schoolroom was used for providing tea for the visitors.
1885, Oct. 27This evening a large and enthusiastic meeting was held in the Schoolroom, in support of the Candidature of Mr D'd Davies M.P. Mr H.C. Fryer of Lodge Park presided, and addresses were delivered by the following gentlemen,
Mr H.C. Fryer
Mr David Davies M.P.
Mr Edw'd Davies, Llandinam
Rev'ds D. Glannant Davies, & R. Morris
and Mr Richard Griffiths Taliesin        
1885, Nov. 11 Mr Vaughan Davies, the Conservative Candidate for the County, addresses a Meeting of the electors in the Schoolroom at 6.30 p.m. Dr Brittan presided.
1885, Nov. 27 Cardiganshire Election - Polling Day. The Schoolroom was used as a Polling Station, and I acted as Poll Clerk.
1886, Jan. 9 Up to this date 75 Scholars and two Pupil Teachers have had the Measles. There have been no fatal cases among the scholars, but 5 deaths have occurred among the younger children in the neighbourhood. Two deaths have also occurred from the Whooping Cough. [The school had been closed 7 Dec. 1885 - 3 Jan. 1886]
1886, Feb. 2We visited the School this afternoon at half past three. Number present to be 101 in accordance with the entry in the register.
F. Brittan [Gwynfryn]
Owen Owens [Dolclettwr]
S Prosser [Samuel Prosser]
After the children were dismissed Dr Brittan returned returned to the Schoolroom with Mr Owens and held a long conversation with me. Before leaving Dr Brittan threatened to break my neck. See Private Record Hereof.        
1886, March 1 Great Storm. High Winds and Drifting Snow. Only 47 Children attended in the morning.
1886, March 2 Continuance of Snow Storm. Many children unable to attend.
1886, April 12 The Infants - 18 in number - hitherto on the books of the Infant School were this morning admitted to this School. The Infant School is suspended from this date.
1886, July 1 This evening a Meeting was held in the schoolroom to promote the Candidature of Mr Bowen Rowlands Q.C. for the representation of the County. Addresses were delivered by Mr H.C. Fryer, the Rev'ds Mr Penry, Mr Davies Tynant and Mr Glannant Davies Talybont.
1886, July 9 Holiday. Cardiganshire Election. The Schoolroom was used as a Polling Station for Llancynfelyn and Scyborycoed.
1895, Sept. 24 Great many children absent today again. Some throat complaint runs the neighbourhood again. I have my own child bad and several in the neighbourhood are ill in it.
1895, Sept. 27 Found today that my child is in the Scarlet Fever, the doctor having been called to see him.
1895, Sept. 29 Received an order from Dr James the Medical Officer for the District that the School was to be closed for a fortnight.
1895, Sept. 30 As soon as the children assembled this morning I informed them that the closed [sic] was to be closed for a fortnight.


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