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Census of England and Wales 1851

Parish of Llancynfelin

County and Parliamentary Division of Cardigan, Geneu'r glyn
Superintendant Registrar's District: Aberystwyth
Registrar's District: Geneu'rglyn

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Y adysgrifiad

The transcription


Nodau i'r adysgrifiad

Notes to the transcription

  1. The parish was split into three parts for the census.
  2. All 'ditto' entries have been replaced throughout by the actual name etc.
  3. The original return forms have space for twenty names on a page: in some cases these are not all used, in others an additional name has been inserted, so the page totals are not always twenty.
  4. The original Enumerators were not always consistent: parish names have largely been transcribed as written. Some parts have left 'Condition' blank for children under 16, others have entered them all as 'Unmarried'. No attempt has been made to standardise these entries.
  5. The original frequently enters 'Farmers Wife', 'Farmers Daughter' etc. as occupation: these have all been left blank except where the entry is for a Head of household.
  6. The page numbering has been kept as in the original documents: in some cases pages were skipped in the original transcription book (particularly in part 1). No pages are actually missing from the return.
  7. Any details entered under 'Blind or Deaf and Dumb' have been shown in the 'Occupation' column in brackets.
Column Headings

The full column headings are:

  1. Name of Street, Place, or Road, and Name and No. of House
  2. Name and Surname of each Person who abode in the house, on the Night of the 30thMarch, 1851
  3. Relation to Head of Family
  4. Condition
  5. Age of Males/Females
  6. Rank, Profession or Occupation
  7. Where born
  8. Whether Blind or Deaf-and-Dumb




  Dwellings Inhabitants
  Inhabited Uninhab'd Males Females Total
Part 1 59   132 136 268
Part 2 52 2 136 118 254
Part 3 93   206 231 437
Overall 204 2 474 485 959


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